Baseus Orange Dot Multifunctionale Remote Control For Presentation, With a Laser Pointer (ACFYB-B0G)



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Baseus laser pointer remote control for presentation
If you want to feel more confident during a presentation at work or school, and you are tired of pointing a finger or constantly approaching your laptop to change the slide, this is the device for you.
The indicator can be connected both via USB and USB-C, so we can apply it to any computer without the need for additional adapters. Moreover, the device does not need any additional drivers.
Even more control
The device has a built-in laser pointer and the range of the remote control reaches 200 m. This will give you full control over your presentation even from the other end of the room.
Hyperlink function
This feature created for PowerPoint allows you to link to the link in your presentation. Make your presentation even more interesting with the included links.