KEYESTUDIO Self-balancing Car Kit KS0193 για Arduino


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KEYESTUDIO Self-balancing Car Kit KS0193 για Arduino

Με το Self-balancing Car Kit της Keyestudio σας δίνετε η δυνατότητα να κατασκευάσετε το δικό σας έξυπνο ρομποτικό αυτοκίνητο μέσω της ολοκλήρωσης πολλών δημιουργικών projects.
Αφού το συνδέσετε με Bluetooth, σας δίνετε η δυνατότητα να ελέγξετε την κατεύθυνση κίνησης του μέσω εφαρμογής για smartphone. Επιπλέον, μπορείτε να ρυθμίσετε την γωνία ισορροπίας άλλα και τις PID παραμέτρους.

Kit projects
Project 1: Getting Started with Main Board and ARDUINO
Project 2: Button and Buzzer
Project 3: TB6612 Motor Driving
Project 4: Hall Encoder Test
Project 5: Internal Timer Interrupt
Project 6: Bluetooth Test
Project 7: MPU6050 Test
Project 8: Calculating Inclined Angle And Angular Velocity Values
Project 9: PID Principle
Project 10: Upright Loop Adjustment
Project 11: Speed Loop Adjustment
Project 12: Steering Loop Control
Project 13: Bluetooth Control
Project 14: Adjusting Balance Angle and Bluetooth Control

Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά
Working voltage: DC 9-12V
Motor drive chip: TB6612FNG
Body posture detection: MPU-6050

Operating voltage: DC12V
Reduction ratio: 1:30
No-load current: </=100mA
No-load speed: 247rpm
Rated torque: 1.4
Rated torque: 137.3mN.m
Rated speed: 160rpm
Rated current: </= 0.45A
Stalled torque: 5.5
Stop current: 2.4A
Reducer length: 22mm

Περιεχόμενα συσκευασίας
4x Dual-pass M3*45MM hex copper pillar
4x Dual-pass M3*10MM hex copper pillar
2x Black M4*6 cross screw
6x M3*6MM round head screw
10x M3*8MM round head screw
4x M3*8MM flat head cross screw
2x M3*12MM flat head cross screw
10x M3*12MM round head screw
12x M3 nickel plating nut
Acrylic plate pack of 2pcs
2x Black+blue outer diameter 68mm thickness 26mm wheel
2x GM37-520 DC gear motor with hall encoder 12V,1:30,with type L holders
2x 6MM hole*18MM length Copper hex coupler
2x Double-head 6pin PH2.0 30CM connector wire
Yellow-black handle 3*40MM Phillips screwdriver
Type L M2 nickel plating inner hex wrench
18650 3-cell AA battery case with 15CM lead+plug (18650 battery not included)
Keyestudio Balance Shield V3 (black and eco-friendly)
Keyestudio REV4 main board
AM/BM transparent blue OD:5.0 L=50cm USB cable
Keyestudio Bluetooth XBee HC-06
2x Motor iron holder
Black winding tube


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