Philips E14 LED Warm White Filament Candle Bulb.1.4W (15W) (LPH02423) (PHILPH02423)



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Ασφαλείς Πληρωμές

This energy-efficient LED candle lamp from Philips is made of clear glass so that the filament in the lamp stands out more. The shape and size of the lamp correspond to that of conventional incandescent lamps, making this LED lamp a good replacement. The lamp has a power of 1.4W and can be turned into an E14 socket. The warm white light produced by the lamp has a colour temperature of 2700K and a light output of 136 lumens. The light is calmer on the eyes than is the case with similar lamps. That is why this Philips LED lamp carries the EyeComfort quality mark.

With normal use of approximately 2.7 hours per day, the lamp lasts 15 years. This is equivalent to a nominal service life of 15000 burning hours.