Philips E14 LED Warm White Filament Candle Bulb 4.3W (40W) (LPH02437) (PHILPH02437)


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This Philips LED light bulb is an attractive addition to all kinds of open fixtures and can also be used in the likes of chandeliers. Because the bulb is equipped with visible LED filament, which is clearly visible through the clear glass, and has a candle shape, it is really made to be seen. The 4.3W LED bulb emits warm white light (2700K). This colour temperature is generally considered to be the most atmospheric shape and creates a cozy and soothing light effect. This makes it ideal for use in, for example, dining, living or bedrooms. Due to the light output of 470 lumen, there is nevertheless a gradual and large light distribution. This light bulb may have ‘filaments’, but it is still made with LED. LED lighting is known for its sustainable and energy-efficient character and has a much longer lifespan than the traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. The type of light is also more comfortable for the eyes and less tiring. The bulb has an E14 fitting.