Philips E14 LED Warm White T25 Matt Ball Bulb.0.9W (7W) (LPH02457) (PHILPH02457)



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Are you looking for a T25 bulb for your fridge or freezer? Then use this LED bulb from Philips. Because it is resistant to low temperatures and has a small size, it is very suitable for these types of applications. The 0.9W LED bulb has an E14 fitting and can also be used in other fixtures with this fitting. Due to the warm white colour temperature (2700K) that is emitted with this, this bulb has an atmospheric light effect. In appearance, this is comparable to the light colour produced by a traditional incandescent bulb. The bulb is further made using advanced LED technology, making it more energy efficient and durable than comparable bulb types. This bulb also lasts much longer, up to 15,000 hours. The frosted glass ensures a diffuse light distribution. There is a light output of 70 lumens and a beam angle of 240 degrees, so that the light is evenly distributed.