Philips E14 LED Warm White T25 Matt Ball Bulb.3.2W (25W) (LPH02461) (PHILPH02461)



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This Philips LED bulb has a T25 shape and a small fitting. It is ideal for yse in your fridges and freezers, amongst other things! The bulb is made of sturdy material and therefore resistant to low temperatures. Moreover, with its light output of 250 lumens, it ensures that there is always enough light for clear visibility. The 3.2W bulb emits light in a warm white colour temperature (2700K). This atmospheric light colour is smilar to the light produced by old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. However, unlike incandescent bulbs, this bulb is made with LED, which makes it more durable and provides significant energy savings. The bulb has a matt finish which ensures an extra diffuse light distribution, which is also very even due to the beam