Philips E27 LED SceneSwitch Filament Pear Bulb 2200-2500-2700K | 7.5W (60W) (LPH02501) (PHILPH02501)



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This Philips LED lamp is equipped with visible filament, which you can see well through the clear glass with which the lamp is made. This pear lamp provides an extra authentic (retro) appearance and is very suitable for open fixtures with an E27 fitting. Because there is LED lighting, this is also extra durable and the lamp lasts up to 15,000 hours.
The energy-efficient 7.5W LED lamp works with the handy SceneSwitch technology. This allows you to easily switch between three different light modes: very warm white light (2200K, 150 lumens), extra warm white light (2500K, 320 lumens) and warm white light (2700K, 806 lumens).
The following applies here: the warmer the light, the yellower the undertone is and the more atmospheric it is often found. Thanks to the three settings, you can always choose the right light for the moment, whether it’s an evening of study or a cozy dinner. And the handy thing: you don’t even need an extra dimmer for this.