Philips E27 LED Warm White Filament Ball Bulb 2W (25W) (LPH02370) (PHILPH02370)

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This Philips LED ball bulb is a suitable energy-efficient replacement for incandescent bulbs due to its classic shape. The clear glass ensures that the filament of the bulb is clearly visible, so that the bulb stands out even when it is not switched on. The bulb fits on a fixture with an E27 fitting and has a power of 2W. The warm white light emitted by the bulb has a colour temperature of 2700K and a luminous flux of 250 lumens. This light is calmer on the eyes and that is why the bulb also bears the EyeComfort quality mark. With normal use, the bulb will last more than 15 years. That is, approximately 15000 burning hours and 20000 switching cycles.