Philips E27 LED WarmGlow Filament Bulb 5.9W (60W) (LPH02539) (PHILPH02539)



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Choose this Philips LED lamp to provide your home not only with warm light but also with extra atmospheric light. Thanks to the WarmGlow technique, not only the brightness is adjusted downwards when dimming, but also the color temperature, which makes the light warmer. The lamp does this very efficiently, with little energy consumption.

The large-fitting lamp (E27) consumes 5.9W and emits a warm white light. This light can be dimmed, adjusting the color temperature from 2700K to 2200K at its lowest. The maximum light output is 806 lumens (136 lumens per watt). Due to the traditional Edison shape and the clearly visible filament, the lamp is strongly reminiscent of an old-fashioned incandescent lamp, and therefore fits well in both an open and a closed fixture.

The light emitted by the lamp also has a high colour rendering index (CRI value) of 90. This means that the light quality is high; the light colors look natural and very truthful.