Philips E27 LED WarmGlow Mat Bulb 3.4W (40W) (LPH02578) (PHILPH02578)



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With this Philips LED lamp you not only create warm, but also atmospheric light. The lamp is equipped with WarmGlow technology. This technique relates to dimming the lamp; when the lamp is dimmed, not only the light level is adjusted downwards, but also the color temperature of the light. Incidentally, only a little power is used here, making the lamp energy efficient.

The lamp uses a power of 3.4W to distribute a warm white and dimmable light with a maximum light output of 470 lumens (138 lumens per watt). When dimming this light, the color temperature can be adjusted from 2700K to 2200K at its lowest. The pear-shaped lamp has a matte finish and a large fitting (E27).

The light emitted by the lamp also has a high colour rendering index (CRI value) of 90. This means that the light quality is high; the light colors look natural and very truthful.