Philips E27Led White Matt Ball Bulb 6.5W (60W)) (LPH02364) (PHILPH02364)



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Looking for an energy-efficient solution for your general room lighting? Then choose this LED ball bulb from Philips. The shape and size is exactly the same as an old-fashioned light bulb. The bulb fits in a fixture with an E27 fitting and has a power of 6.5W. The frosted glass ensures that the light is less intense. The cool white light has a colour temperature of 4000K and a luminous flux of 806 lumens. It bares the EyeComfort mark so you will never be bothered by bright light or glare again. EyeComfort LED bulbs are specially designed to illuminate your home in a pleasant way. With an average use of 2.7 hours per day, the bulb lasts more than 15000 burning hours, 20000 switching cycles and 15 years.