Philips Hue E27 White Filament Pear A60 550 lumens 7W (LPH01422) (PHILPH01422)



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This Philips Hue lamp has a unique look. This is due to the beautiful vintage coating, the visible spiral filament and the beautiful A60 shape. So definitely show this lamp, for example in an open fixture with an E27 fitting or on a cord pendant. So you can enjoy it even more, whether the lamp is on or off.

You switch on the lamp with an app on your phone or tablet. This app works with Bluetooth. This means that the app makes direct contact with the lamp via the WiFi signal. So you don’t need a Hue bridge. Via the app you can switch the lamp on or off, personalize it and use the dimming functions. For more smart lighting functions, such as timers and light scenes, you can purchase a Hue bridge.