Philips Hue Filament E27 |Globe G125 |White 550 lumens 7W (LPH01613) (PHILPH01613)



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This Philips Hue smart LED bulb looks unique and authentic, thanks to its spiral filaments and globe shape. Very warm white lighting is spread (2100K), so that the lamp is perfect for decorative fixtures with an E27 fitting and for illuminating any room in an atmospheric way. This also contributes to the vintage look of the lamp.

This 7W LED lamp can be operated with a handy app on your phone or tablet. With this you can switch the light on and off and dim it or set handy timers. The connection between this app and the lamp can be established in two different ways: using Bluetooth or using the Philips Hue bridge .

With the bridge you have more smart options. This box ensures that you can also operate the lamp remotely (instead of within a radius of ten meters), you can add the lamp to your ZigBee network and allow it to work together with other smart devices and you can use advanced time schedules. .

The lamp can also be controlled with your voice. To do this, you must have a voice assistant, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.