Philips Hue Filament E27 Pear A60 White Ambiance 550 lumens 7W (LPH02734) (PHILPH02734)



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This Philips Hue LED lamp is an ideal energy-efficient light source for spreading different color temperatures of white light, and is reminiscent of a traditional light bulb due to both the pear shape (A60) and the visible filament. The lamp is also smart, meaning it can be controlled remotely using an app.

This lamp with a large socket (E27) spreads white light that can be adjusted to taste, from extra warm white (2200K) to bright white (4500K). The maximum light output is 550 lumens, compared to 7W of energy consumption. The light can be dimmed to adjust the brightness.

The lamp can be operated via bluetooth or via the Zigbee protocol. To operate the lamp via Bluetooth, you only need a smartphone or tablet with the Philips Hue Bluetoothapp (for iOS or Android ).

For a connection via the Zigbee protocol, in addition to an app, in this case the Philips Hue app (for iOS or Android ), you also need a gateway to convert the WiFi signal of your wireless network into a Zigbee signal. The Philips Hue Bridge is an example of a suitable gateway. The advantage of a Zigbee connection is the possibility to link a larger number of smart lamps (max. 50), and the option to automate these by means of schedules.

*When you have a voice assistantThe lamp can also be controlled with your voice by using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

**The Philips Hue Bridge is required to use Apple HomeKit.